Designing and building a beautiful outdoor space that will endure for years and be a constant source of enjoyment is not always a bed of roses. It takes hard work, planning and a flair for the artistic, not to mention a commitment to clear and open communication so that we can determine what your paradise looks like and how we will achieve it for you. So, here is a bird’s eye view of the process we’ll all be going through:

process step 1

First Meeting & Consultation

When you first contact Avalon Landscaping, we usually answer your inquiry with two working days.

In Ontario, we have a relatively short window for outdoor craftsmanship, so that good planning on everyone’s part is crucial. We cannot always accommodate the wave of demand that starts in early spring and so may be forced to turn down projects that are not timely, logistically feasible or outside our locality.

process step 2

Consultation on Site

If we are well-suited, we come out and have a look at your property and discuss any issues, goals and budget concerns. Design costs account for 1-3% of the project’s total price, and these are assessed at this time.

process step 3

Planning Stage

Once we sign a design contract, the planning stage begins. This includes:

  • Discovery Meeting – Here’s where you tell us what your ideas about what you would like your property to look like, as specifically as possible. We’ll estimate the costs based on your ideas and offer price ranges of alternatives to ensure your budget is maintained.
  • Site Survey and Scaled Property Schematic – We take measurements of house elevation and grades along with some photographs in order to complete an accurate scaled schematic of your property.
  • Bylaw research – We research zoning, conservation and other bylaw information that is relevant to your property to ensure that the changes to your property and safe and legal.
  • Plan Presentation – We present detailed drawings as a result of our discussions with you and our bylaw research. At this time, we also estimate the cost of the project. If you have any thoughts or changes, this is the time to voice them!
  • Final Estimate – When you approve the plan, Avalon prepares a final quote that includes a complete scope of work.
process step 4

Sign Contract and Pay Deposit

Contracts are signed and we collect a deposit cheque from you.

process step 5

Obtain Permits/Provide Permit Drawings

If municipal permits are required for the type of work being done, Avalon can initialize the process for you. All construction processes and methods will need to be detailed and drawings provided.

process step 6

Construction Orientation Meeting

We go over the exact construction timeline with you, so you know what will be happening on your property each day and the project is completed in the most efficient manner.

process step 7

Beginning of Construction

We’ve got you from here: just hang out and watch, if you want to. We take care of all the construction details and keep you informed of the day’s progress, if you want us to.

process step 8

End of Construction – Homeowner Inspection

(final payment required)
Once every little detail is complete and construction is finished, we take you on an inspection tour to make sure everything is to your liking. Remember: we aren’t satisfied until you are!

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